KATERMAN LLC is an international company, recognized and innovative in the accompanying of companies  by its loyalty club.

With its professionalism and unquestionable recognition. We want this innovative company wordlwide. In this sense, we engaged a new thoughtful and experienced domain that we already studied, to offer you the quality of our products.

Our goal is to bring 'fixation solutions "to buildings businesses and Industry, as well for individuals. Aware of the  fixations issues  that individuals or professionals can have, we  developed a type of 100% Nylon anchor "Patented" that can easly be nested with another anchors. This is the main pillar range of KATERBUILD.

 Since 2012, KATERMAN LLC has developped a strong partnership with different companies worldwide in a countless number of areas by putting its commercial and marketing strength. This experience has allowed KATERMAN LLC today to bring new ideas and develop, a concept " NEW & PATENTED" in the international market.

  • Modern design
  • Reliable and durable fixation
  • 100% Nylon
  • Anti-rotation and edge security
  • Flexibility
  • All materials
  • Quality
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